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How to look after sugar flowers post wedding?

It's so very special when you can keep and treasure precious elements of your iconic day, and I'm happy to tell you IT IS possible for you to also keep your sugar flowers.

Here are some notes for keeping your post wedding sugar flowers for as long as possible after your day.


Sugar soaks up moisture, so it's important that your flowers are kept in a cool and dry place. Ideally away from direct sunlight or next to radiators, and I also wouldn't recommend keeping them in the fridge.


In order to shape the sugar paste into realistic sugar flowers, it's rolled very thin to emulate those delicate petals, so you can imagine how fragile they are!

Display your flowers somewhere you can see them and enjoy them, but somewhere they aren't likely to be accidentally knocked and damaged.

I provide post wedding sugar flower arrangements in timeless glass bell jars, giving your flowers some protection from both being knocked and moisture in the air. Contact me if for more information.


Soon after your wedding, clean your flowers to remove any excess cake. Food that isn't removed will likely go mouldy and we don't want that! I recommend replacing the cake covered floral tape that covered the 'stems' with new floral tape.


I hope these notes help in keeping your flowers for long after your wedding.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Clare x


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